Participating Faculty

Ahmed Tibary

Ahmed Tibary

Department:Veterinary Clinical Sciences, WSU
Credentials:1989~Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Mailing Address:Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
PO Box 646610
Pullman, WA 99164-6610

Research Interests

Comparative clinical reproduction, infertility in large animals Assisted reproductive technique, artificial insemination and embryo transfer.

Research Summary

I am interested in reproductive management and reproductive medicine of large animals (equine, bovine and small ruminants) including infertility diagnostic techniques and treatment as well as gamete preservation and development of embryo transfer techniques

Research Publications

Selected Publications 2008-2013


Tibary A, Bakkoury M: Equine Reproduction,Vol. I The Mare, Vol. II The Stallion, Volume III. Applied biotechnologies). Actes Edition, Rabat, Morocco, 2005, ISBN: 9981-801-63-1, 1498 pages

Tibary A, Anouassi A: Theriogenology in Camelidae: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology Surgery and artificial breeding. Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II. Actes Edition, Rabat, Morocco 1997. ISBN 9981-801-32-1, 589 pages

Journal articles

Picha Y, Tibary A, Memon M, Kasimanickam R, Sumar J. 2013. "Chronology of early embryonic development and embryo uterine migration in alpacas." Theriogenology 79:702-708

Ragle C, Yiannikouris S, Tibary A, Fransson B. 2012. "Barbed suture use for laparoscopic closure of the internal inguinal rings in a gelding." JAVMA, 242:249-255

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Rodriguez JS, Han S, Nielsen S, Pearson LK, Gay JM, Tibary A. 2011. "Consequences of Intrauterine Enrofloxacin Infusion on Mare Endometrium." Journal Equine Veterinary Science, 32:105-111

Pearson LK, Rodriguez JS, Tibary A. 2011. "Uterine torsion in late gestation alpacas and llamas: 60 cases (2000-2009)." Small Ruminant Research, 105: 268-272

Alkar A, Tibary A, Wenz JR, Nebel RL, Kasimanickam R. "Effect of presynchronization with GnRH 7 days prior to resynchronization with CO-Synch on pregnancy wastage in lactating dairy cows." Clinical Theriogenology (accepted Dec, 2011 Issue)

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