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In short, the goal of this CVM Teaching Academy initiative to develop a sustainable program that supports faculty members as they begin to gain experience in teaching. This site is designed to direct you to the resources and information that are essential to your professional responsibilities.

Although teaching is a component of almost every faculty member’s job, very few of us ever get actual instruction in teaching. We typically teach as we were taught, without much thought as to why or whether these methods are effective at promoting learning. Over time, most seasoned instructors learn what seems to work, and what doesn’t - but this process often takes an entire career and it’s prone to personal bias. In contrast, there is now a broad literature that supports the scholarship of teaching and learning. This literature has identified a variety of “best practices” for classroom and clinical teaching, and provides recommended methods for instructors to evaluate the outcomes of different pedagogical techniques.

The CVM Teaching Academy New Faculty Development Initiative will draw on these resources as well as the expertise of long-time instructors to help new or less experienced faculty become excellent teachers. Among the goals is to foster the use evidence-based, high impact practices early in each instructor’s teaching career. Likewise, the Academy seeks to help junior faculty document their teaching-related activities and teaching effectiveness for the purposes of personal growth and professional advancement.

Overview: The initiative will provide a modular series of activities that faculty members in the CVM can participate in as needed. All activities will be open to the entire Teaching Academy and college, though each event will focus on a topic that is likely to be of the most interest to a new or more inexperienced instructor. All activities will focus on either the resources available to faculty members within WSU and the CVM, the day-to-day activities of teaching, alternate (not lecture based) pedagogical strategies, and the science of teaching and learning.

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