Recognition Awards

WIMU Excellence in Teaching Award


Early each spring semester, an invitation is extended to the 3rd year DVM students who started their WIMU program in Logan (USU - Years 1 & 2) and to the 2nd year DVM students who started their WIMU program in Bozeman (MSU – Year 1). The invitation is for these students to reflect back on their DVM training thus far and to identify the USU and MSU teaching faculty who best prepared them for their course work in Pullman.

Via an online survey, students in each class select faculty who best exemplified excellence in teaching. Who made the greatest impact on them as individuals and a class? Who most inspired them to grow and excel?

  • Class officers announce the voting and oversee the process - with assistance from the Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning, who provides the online survey and tallies the votes.
  • 2 winners are selected for each year by the Logan class. 1 winner is selected from Year 1 by the Bozeman class.

WIMU Excellence in Teaching Award 2018

May 16, 2018, 11:42 AM by Richard B. Link

Year #1 MSU

  • Dr. Alan Goldhahn – Principles of Surgery; Intro to Clinics; Animals, Society, and the Veterinarian; Anatomy

Year #1 USU

  • Dr. Briedi Gillespie– Anatomy and Neuroscience
  • Dr. Tom Baldwin– General Pathology

Year #2 USU

  • Dr. Johanna Rigas– Clinical Pathology
  • Dr. Rusty Stott– Parasitology
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